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Baden Jazz Suite for four guitars - Jiri Jirmal

This song in its original solo form is known for a long time now and everyone who played it knows how grateful is it for performance. However, there is plenty of accord consonances, that makes it hard to play, with the exception of the middle part. This is the easiest of the three sentences. Recast for four guitars is not as unusual as it may seem at first glance. (It is surprising that it is not stated, who who made an arrangement of the composition, so it is only possible to guess that this is the work of the composer.)

What were previously accord consonances are now individual guitar voices and it might seem much simpler. However, we must take into account the very challenging rhythms, which is now acting to the forefront and must be strictly observed. This is not meant as a disadvantage, it's just finding that what is difficult for one, of course, does not become simpler in the division for four players. The central part has somewhat changed character of a beautiful harmony. Other parts of the songs are well balanced.

It is a nice composition, rarely introduced, and this is a great pity. I wonder if some quartet take it and give it the opportunity to excel. I do not think anyone would regret it.

Guitar Play Bossa Nova and Swinging Guitar - Jiri Jirmal

I play a song Baden Jazz Suite by Jiri Jirmal for a long time already and I was pleased when I saw a new pair of songs, which occurred after a longer pause.

Not too precious in this publication are the names of both songs, which are, frankly, somewhat inappropriate. I can, however, noted with satisfaction that both tracks are wonderful, in every part reflecting the inventiveness and joy of the play.

Play Bossa Nova starts prelude based on long accords with a "basso ostinato". And then comes the main theme consisting of a charming chords, which supports sting of rhythmic compositions. It is as difficult to play as Baden Jazz Suite, simply overflows with a delicious harmony, and yet it's quite absolutely guitar.

Swinging Guitar is perhaps even better. It comes to you as a kind of song, what would you expect in an expression of Ella Fitzgerald and the main idea in the style of sound "big band" is pleased to encourage you to play. It is very difficult, but is full of joy from the multiplicity chords and fast-moving harmony.

There are two beautiful songs, and everyone who liked the first one, will admire them.